Our services

Security of the processes supporting any part of your business, from infrastructure and workflow, to web storefront and brick-and-mortar workplaces, is paramount. The mission and purpose of our company is to help businesses design, plan, and integrate secure and resilient processes to their operations and data flows.

There are no two identical business processes, so every use case requires at a solution that is at least partly bespoke. A few typical examples where businesses ask us for help are the following:

  • To organise storage of business data in the way that is safe, secure, and compliant with data protection regulations.
  • To assess the security position of the organisation and identify any flaws.
  • To set up a transparent and secure way of communication between two or more remote departments.
  • To extend their current IT solution (software or hardware) in order to comply with new or revised security requirements.
  • To integrate a new security facility – such as smartcard-driven access control – into an existing framework or flow.

Our professionals focus on the design aspects of the systems. We begin with conducting thorough review of the architecture of your current processes to understand all the data flows in your environment. Then we proceed to the task(s) at hand, looking to design and integrate the solution to the existing framework in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Throughout the whole design process we work with you closely to make sure that every minor aspect of the system gets accounted for and that your needs are addressed accurately. The outcome of this effort is the design of the security solution that fulfills the requirements and its implementation plan.

It will normally be up to your administrators, DevOps, or software engineers to implement the plan by physically integrating the new security feature into your live processes. Over this period we will stay close to make sure the integration goes smoothly.